KODAK E100 120 Film

I began taking pictures seriously in 2002. I had used film cameras here and there in years prior, but I was bit by the digital camera bug and pulled the trigger on an expensive pro-sumer camera from Kodak. It actually had manual settings, a zoom lens, interface capabilities to allow you to use the computer to control it, and much more.

It was incredible and opened my eyes to the world of photography. I found myself taking the time to make photos, not just snap shots. I was playing with how light affected the scene, composition, and more.

Shortly after, I had the opportunity to shoot with a digital SLR camera. The image quality blew me out of the water. Learning about lenses and professional level features drew me to the digital SLRs. Since then I have been a digital SLR shooter and love the quality, ease, etc.

Fast forward a few years and I acquired a medium format film camera. I began to experiment with it and quickly found myself amazed with the results. Both the camera and the film produced this one of a kind image. Medium format gave me a depth of field and composition that I had never experienced before. The film gave textures, color, and exposure latitude that I had not yet seen. I absolutely love the fact that I take a picture and don't view it on a preview screen. The magic of the medium goes to work and I'll see it emerge at the end!

Most recently I've been shooting a lot of film. I've only pulled out the digital in a few instances. It's been a lot of fun. I find myself taking a lot more time to make sure that the background is the way I want it, the lighting is going to render the way I want, and just generally slowing down the whole experience. I think it has enabled my artistic eye to become more dominant as I look to make the photo the way I want it, rather than getting close.

Here's an example of some of the latest I've taken. You'll see more in the photos on the home page. Expect to see more in the future as well. I absolutely love it.


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